Loan in 5 minutes

It is convenient and efficient to loan on LinkCredit. Within 5 

minutes to complete the approval after submitting the loan 

application online and direct credit to your bank account.

Fully Online

The whole process of loan and repayment can be completed 

on the LinkCredit APP without offline processing or providing 

any paper documents. You can apply for a loan directly on the 

APP anytime and anywhere.

Revolving Credit

LinkCredit supports the revolving line of credit. You can reapply 

for a loan if you keep your repayments on time and if you still 

have the available credit.

Who we are ?

LinkCredit allows you to get a quick loan anytime and 

anywhere, to ease your financial strain. LinkCredit is like your 

personal wallet. LinkCredit will transfer your loan directly to 

your bank account in 5 minutes after the authorization is 

completed, easy and fast.

In the future, LinkCredit is not only about loans, we are 

committed to expanding more application scenarios, so that 

you can enjoy more financial services.

Efficient Team

LinkCredit has a professional and diverse team. We are willing 

to share the latest ideas, spurt sparks of inspiration and 

creativity in communication. We are keen and professional, 

everyone continues to create value in their own field. We 

believe that a relaxed working environment is conducive to 

creating better products.

Our Goals

LinkCredit is committed to building a financial service platform 

with local characteristics through advanced digital financial 

technology and big data innovation technology, effectively 

meet the fund demand of our customers, and trying our best to 

let more people enjoy the beautiful life through technology and 


Although we are not perfect, but we promise that we will 

always adhere to provide the best product experience and the 

most sincere service for every single customer.We always believe 

that each little strength can bring small and beautiful 

changes to the world.

Contact us

We want to be better with you. We're always excited to hear from you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at

Address:350 - 360, Ikorodu Road, Maryland (Ikeja,Lagos) 100252
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